Artificial Intelligence Powered Adobe Photoshop: Change Your Editing Game

Artificial Intelligence Powered Adobe Photoshop: Change Your Editing Game

Adobe Photoshop has long set the standard for image editing and graphic design. Now, with the integration of Adobe Sensei, their Artificial Intelligence and machine learning framework, Photoshop is equipped to handle complex creative tasks better than ever before.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Adobe Photoshop: Change Your Editing Game

Artificial Intelligence Assistance Streamlines Selections, Compositions, and More

Adobe Sensei powers a range of new capabilities that simplify workflow and expand creative options. For example, the Select Subject feature leverages Artificial Intelligence to automatically identify and select the primary element of an image with just one click. The AI-powered Object Selection tool goes even further, enabling precise selection of complex shapes like hair and fur.

Sensei also automates time-intensive editing tasks like background and sky replacement. The Artificial Intelligence analyzes elements like lighting and perspective to seamlessly generate or swap in new backgrounds. This saves hours of meticulous masking and blending.

Futuristic Features Like Generative Fill Feel Straight Out of Sci-Fi

One of the most sci-fi capabilities Sensei introduces is Generative Fill. This mind-blowing tool (in Adobe Photoshop) fills selected areas with entirely new AI-generated content just by typing a text prompt. Want to put a futuristic skyscraper in your cityscape? Just describe it, and Generative Fill handles the rest!

Under the hood, Generative Fill taps into Adobe’s custom image AI called Firefly. After training on millions of images, Firefly has learned to conjure photorealistic scenes and objects from text descriptions. This offers limitless creative potential.

Neural Filters Apply Stylized Effects with Ease

Neural Filters leverage AI to apply high-quality stylized effects without destructive edits. The AI transforms images into varied art styles while enhancing faces with skin smoothing, makeup transfer, and portrait relighting powered by Sensei.

These non-destructive smart filters help creators quickly iterate on ideas. And the AI handles applying adjustments like color grading and sharpening tailored to each image.

Adobe Sensei: The AI Backbone Enhancing All Creative Cloud Apps

The Sensei AI framework extends beyond Photoshop to amplify creative tools across Adobe’s offerings. For video editing, Premiere Pro harnesses machine learning for automated reframing and color grading. In Illustrator, Sensei assists with precision drawing and graphic manipulation.

And Adobe apps integrate with each other. For example, AI-generated images created in Photoshop can be pulled into video projects enhanced by Sensei in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Unlocking New Creative Possibilities with AI

Adobe Sensei markedly expands what’s creatively possible for millions of Photoshop users. Tasks once requiring painstaking manual effort can now be achieved in a click with AI assistance. This allows creators to focus less on technical complexity and more on imaginative storytelling.


Q. What are the key AI-powered features in Photoshop?

A. Key features include neural filters, sky replacement, automatic subject selection, generative image fill, and intelligent edge refinement.

Q. How does Generative Fill work?

A. It uses AI to generate realistic imagery based on text descriptions to fill in selected areas of an image.

Q. What are the benefits of Adobe Sensei?

A. It streamlines workflows, saves time, expands creative options, and automates complex tasks using AI across Adobe apps.

Adobe Photoshop’s integration of Adobe Sensei AI and machine learning paves the way for more sophisticated creative tools that save time and inspire new visions. The future of inventive image editing and design looks more exhilarating than ever.

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