Christopher Nolan's Cornfield in Interstellar Is An Engaging Tale

Christopher Nolan Cornfield in Interstellar Is An Engaging Tale

Discover Christopher Nolan’s motivation behind growing corn, the process involved with planting 500 acres, and his efforts to profit off it as you explore this article about the Interstellar cornfield.

Christopher Nolan's Cornfield in Interstellar Is An Engaging Tale

Inspiration for Growing Corn

Christopher Nolan’s 2014 sci-fi flick Interstellar explores the possibility that Earth could one day become inhabitable for human habitation, depicting Farmer Cooper (an ex-NASA pilot himself) leading a team of space researchers on an expedition to find another suitable planet where humans may survive. Interstellar depicts an alternate reality where “The Blight” had decimated most life on Earth save for corn and okra plants; Nolan decided against employing CGI effects when depicting Cooper’s farm during film production. Nolan found himself drawn to planting corn crops for Man of Steel (2013) director Zack Snyder, who planted 500 acres for cinematic realism—no small task when you consider that production begins and wraps within 8–12 weeks! Nolan sought advice from Snyder regarding cinematic cornfields and found they could grow several hundred acres within just weeks! They found an idyllic location outside Calgary where they built the farmhouse close to the mountains while planting 500 acres for cinematic realism!

Process of Planting 500 Acres of Corn

Nolan’s undeniable passion for practical visuals becomes evident through his choice to plant 500 acres of corn for Interstellar. Nolan used his practical approach and real sets as part of this filming journey, with cornfields being one exception. In Interstellar, the story’s essence revolved around cornfields—an integral setting where a farm nestled amidst the expanse of cornfields, all against the backdrop of majestic mountains—carefully woven into the script. Most filmmakers would turn to CGI instead; Nolan took an entirely practical approach by planting 500 acres of corn specifically for Interstellar movie production and adding real sets as part of this production process.

Now Nolan can sell corn for a profit.

Nolan and the studio made significant profits of nearly $162,000 by selling off corn leftover from filming Interstellar instead of discarding it. While its budget of $165 million may have seemed expansive at first, Nolan still made considerable efforts to save money wherever possible, specifically by growing a cornfield especially for Matthew McConaughey’s farm scene in order to have something “pretty good.”. As reported in several media sources.


Q: Why did Christopher Nolan decide to plant corn as part of Interstellar?

A: Zack Snyder‘s corn planting for “Man of Steel” back in 2013 likely inspired Christopher Nolan to plant 500 acres of corn for cinematic realism.

Q: How did Christopher Nolan plant 500 acres of corn for Interstellar?

A: Nolan located a location outside Calgary that would enable his crew to construct the farmhouse close to the mountains while planting 500 acres of corn for cinematic realism.

Q: Did Christopher Nolan profit from selling corn that wasn’t destroyed during filming of The Dark Knight Rises?

A: According to reports, Nolan and Warner Bros. made substantial returns by selling any leftover corn left after production had completed for around $156,000,000.

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