Meta's Threads App Faces Rapid Erosion as Active Users Plummet by 70%

Meta’s Threads App Faces Rapid Erosion as Active Users Plummet by 70%

Meta’s Threads App Faces Rapid Erosion as Active Users Plummet by 70%

In the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of social media, the emergence of new platforms is a common occurrence. One such platform that caught the attention of many was “Meta’s Threads,” launched as a potential rival to the mighty Twitter. However, recent developments have raised concerns about Threads’ future, as it grapples with a significant decline in its active user base and user engagement.

Meta's Threads App Faces Rapid Erosion as Active Users Plummet by 70%

The Steep Plunge: Threads’ Struggles

Meta’s Threads witnessed a meteoric rise when it amassed an astounding 100 million sign-ups within a mere week of its launch on July 5. The initial surge was, in part, fueled by the popularity of Meta’s other social media giant, Instagram, boasting over 2 billion monthly users. This promising start created anticipation that Threads might be a strong contender in the social media arena.

Alas, the optimism was short-lived, as Threads experienced a drastic drop in active users, plummeting by a staggering 70% since its peak on July 7, 2023. Currently, the platform struggles to retain approximately 13 million daily active users, a far cry from the impressive 44 million users it had briefly flaunted.

Unveiling the Reasons Behind Threads’ Woes

The decline in Threads’ user base has raised questions about the platform’s ability to compete with established players like Twitter. To better understand the root causes of this decline, leading mobile app data provider, Sensor Tower, shed light on some key factors.

One of the primary reasons for Threads’ struggles lies in its lack of certain significant features offered by Twitter. Threads’ users yearn for desktop functionality and a more comprehensive search capability that extends beyond just finding other users. Without these essential attributes, the platform finds itself at a disadvantage in the fiercely competitive social media landscape.

Threads vs. Twitter: A Battle for Engagement

The battle for user engagement is at the heart of the competition between Threads and Twitter. While Threads experiences a mere four minutes of average user time on the app, Twitter’s 200 million daily active users spend an average of 30 minutes per day on the platform. This significant gap in engagement levels has thrust Meta into a challenging situation.

Moreover, Threads’ struggles have not significantly impacted Twitter’s traffic, as indicated by a minor 5% dip during the first two days following Threads’ launch. The resilience of Twitter underscores the formidable presence of the established platform in the social media realm.

Meta’s Ambitious Vision: A Billion User Conversations App

Mark Zuckerberg, the visionary CEO of Meta, had set ambitious goals for Threads, envisioning it as a public conversations app with over 1 billion users. This aspiration aimed to offer something that, according to Zuckerberg, Twitter had not yet fully achieved.

However, Threads’ journey took an unexpected turn when Twitter’s legal team threatened to sue Meta. Accusations of stealing trade secrets and intellectual property were raised against Meta, alleging that the company had hired former Twitter employees to develop Threads. Nevertheless, Meta vehemently denies these allegations, adding a layer of legal complexity to Threads’ struggles.

Forging a Path Forward: Strategies and Solutions

As Meta’s Threads grapples with its challenges, the path forward requires a strategic and innovative approach. Meta’s success in navigating these turbulent waters may hinge on identifying and addressing the platform’s shortcomings that have led to the decline in user engagement.

Key stakeholders, including Meta’s development team, can play a pivotal role in revitalizing Threads’ appeal by actively seeking and incorporating user feedback. Understanding user preferences and integrating the missing features that the audience desires could prove instrumental in rekindling Threads’ momentum.

The Future of Meta’s Threads

Meta’s Threads, once a promising contender in the social media landscape, now finds itself confronting formidable challenges. The substantial decline in its active user base and user engagement demands careful introspection and thoughtful strategies.

The platform’s success hinges on Meta’s ability to rise above the present setbacks and innovate effectively. As the battle for user engagement continues, Meta must remain steadfast in its commitment to enhancing Threads’ appeal and user experience.

Time will tell whether Meta’s Threads can overcome its current struggles and emerge as a strong competitor in the social media sphere. The world watches as Meta navigates the complexities of this rapidly evolving landscape with its ambitious vision and determined spirit.


Q. Is Meta’s Threads shutting down?

As of now, there is no official announcement regarding Threads’ shutdown. While facing challenges, the platform’s future remains uncertain.

Q. What unique features does Meta’s Threads offer?

Meta’s Threads initially attracted attention for its focus on public conversations and ambition to create a vast user base. However, it lacks certain features that rival platforms like Twitter provide.

Q. How did Meta’s Threads perform compared to Instagram?

Threads experienced an impressive surge in sign-ups, possibly influenced by Instagram’s popularity. However, it struggled to retain users over time.

Q. Can Meta turn Threads’ fortunes around?

Meta’s success in revitalizing Threads lies in addressing user feedback and incorporating missing features, but success is not guaranteed.

Q. Will Threads’ decline impact Meta’s other ventures?

While Threads’ decline is a concern, it represents just one of Meta’s projects. The overall impact on the company’s other ventures remains to be seen.

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