One Piece English Dub: Where to Watch in 2023

One Piece English Dub: Where to Watch in 2023

Monkey D. Luffy’s epic quest for the One Piece treasure spans over 1000 episodes, making the acclaimed anime a major undertaking for new viewers. Thankfully, fans preferring English dubs have ample streaming options to set sail with the Straw Hat Pirates.

One Piece English Dub: Where to Watch in 2023

Crunchyroll Anchors English Dub Availability in Key Countries

As of July 2023, Crunchyroll remains the foremost source for One Piece’s English dub in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. With over 970 dubbed episodes available and more being added regularly, Crunchyroll offers the most extensive library.

The streaming service simulcasts dubbed episodes shortly after their Japanese premiere. This ensures timely access to the latest arcs, like Wano Country, for audiences. Crunchyroll also carries One Piece films with dubbed audio.

Funimation: Destination for Hardcore Fans

While limited to certain regions, Funimation provides the ultimate ad-free One Piece English dub experience. All 15 seasons with over 800 episodes can be streamed with dubbed audio alongside the original Japanese. For devoted fans aiming to catch up completely or re-watch favorite arcs, Funimation is a subscription worth considering. The service offers perhaps the most seamless way to marathon the entire English-Dub continuity in order.

Sampling the English Dub for Free on Select Platforms

While full access requires a streaming subscription, select episodes are available to sample for free. For example, Episode 1000 of the English dub was temporarily uploaded in full onto YouTube. These limited-time offerings provide a viable test run to experience the dub cast’s portrayals before committing. Social media clips also regularly showcase English dub clips to entice new viewers.

Cast Elevates the Viewing Experience for Fans

While personal preference varies, English dubbed is considered one of the better examples that captures the spirit of the original Japanese. The Straw Hats’ stellar English voice cast adds infectious charm. Christopher Sabat’s gritty Zoro, Luci Christian’s spunky Nami, and Sonny Strait’s dimwitted Usopp breathe life into their characters. Excellent directing and delivery in dramatic moments also hit hard.


Q: Does the English dub cover all One Piece episodes so far?

A: Yes, with nearly 1000 dubbed episodes available, It covers all of the anime’s story arcs through 2022.

Q: Where can I find One Piece movies and specials in English?

A: Crunchyroll and Funimation stream most One Piece movies dubbed. Abridged TV specials are also bundled into English-dub episode collections.

Q: When will new English dub episodes be released in 2023?

A: Crunchyroll simulcasts dubbed episodes shortly after their Japanese premiere. So English dubs closely follow the ongoing anime timeline all year.

Whether you’re a One Piece purist or prefer English dubs, ample streaming options exist to jump aboard the Thousand Sunny for Luffy’s grand adventure. Just beware of spoilers lurking on these lawless seas!

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