Social Media Users Wouldn't Stick With Threads In Current State

Social Media Users Wouldn’t Stick With Threads In Current State

A candid breakdown by a disgruntled social media user outlines why Threads, in its current form, would struggle to retain most users despite initial hype. They describe being drawn in but quickly disappointed by the platform’s sparse features and community.

Social Media Users Wouldn't Stick With Threads In Current State

Early Curiosity Fades As Threads App Falls Short

Many users on social media joined Threads intrigued by Meta’s marketing and the convenience of syncing with their Instagram profiles. However, excitement faded upon finding basic expected functionality missing after launch.

Without key features such as search, desktop access, or content moderation, users felt Threads was a lackluster “Twitter shell”. The underdeveloped state failed to incentivize investing time into the app.

Major Improvements Needed To Rebuild User Trust 

While early user numbers rode on buzz, poor experiences after signing up are causing over 50% to disengage quickly. Turning retention around requires addressing fundamental gaps in order to rebuild satisfaction.

Small additions help, but they won’t reverse the issues on their own. Users need to see concrete steps toward making Threads a truly robust platform before their faith is restored.

Uncertain If Threads Can Compete Long-Term

The user stops short of writing Threads off entirely, noting Meta has the resources to evolve it into a contender. However, competing in a crowded social media market will demand urgency in solidifying core functionality that woos back alienated initial users. 

The window for Threads to fix early flaws before users move on is closing fast. Without understanding and addressing what frustrates users now, growth will likely continue to stagnate.


Q: Why did early Threads users start abandoning it quickly?

A: The launch version lacked expected features like search and moderation, which limited activity and engagement.

Q: What will it take for Threads to retain more users?

A: Adding key functionality and rebuilding user trust through improving the core experience and safety

Q: Is Threads positioned to compete with leading social platforms so far?

A: Significant work is still required for Threads to contend if early feedback is any indicator.

In summary, this user’s experience mirrors what prevents Threads from retaining users currently – launching with critical gaps that quickly disappointed. While not doomed yet, major changes are urgent to shift first perceptions.

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