Threads The Rise, Decline, and Future of Meta's Revolutionary Social Media App

Threads The Rise, Decline, and Future of Meta’s Revolutionary Social Media App

Threads The Rise, Decline, and Future of Meta’s Revolutionary Social Media App

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Threads, Meta’s groundbreaking app, burst onto the scene with a meteoric rise, quickly earning the title of the fastest-growing app of all time. However, recent data from analytics firm Similar Web has shed light on a significant decline in user engagement, raising concerns about the app’s sustainability. While Threads initially captivated millions of users, its daily active users and usage minutes have experienced a sharp decline.

Threads The Rise, Decline, and Future of Meta's Revolutionary Social Media App

The Decline in Threads’ Engagement:

Similar Web’s findings, supported by market intelligence firm Sensor Tower, highlight the decline in Threads’ daily active users and user engagement since its launch. While it’s not uncommon for new apps to experience a drop in engagement after an initial surge, several factors have contributed to Threads’ waning popularity.

1. High Initial Interest:

Threads was launched at a time when Twitter users were actively seeking alternatives, and its seamless integration with Instagram allowed users to effortlessly migrate their social connections. As a result, curiosity and a desire for novelty initially drew many users to Threads.

2. Lack of Essential Features:

Despite its rapid ascent, Threads lacked certain essential features expected of a social media app. Notably, the absence of a non-algorithmic feed made it challenging for users to access content free from brand and influencer domination. This limitation likely prompted some users to return to platforms with more comprehensive features.

3. Instagram’s Perspective:

Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s top executive, acknowledged in a Threads post that their focus at the time was not primarily on engagement metrics. Instead, they prioritized overcoming the common surge and drop associated with new product launches. Their primary goals were to develop new features, enhance performance, and refine the app’s ranking system.

4. Challenges with Spam:

Threads encountered issues with spam, hampering the overall user experience. Mosseri mentioned implementing rate limits and protective measures to combat spam attacks, but these actions may have inadvertently limited active users, leading to false positives.

5. Competition with Twitter:

Despite Threads’ declining engagement, Twitter still has cause for concern. Threads’ success was Twitter’s loss, as per Similar Web’s Senior Insights Manager, David Carr. Web traffic declined by 5% in the first two days after Threads’ general availability, and Android app usage dropped by 4.3%. Moreover, Twitter’s user retention has been on a downward trend since the previous year.

The Path Forward for Threads:

Threads’ future success hinges on Meta’s ability to address the underlying issues causing its declining engagement. Introducing captivating new features that entice users to return will be crucial. Additionally, navigating potential challenges and expanding into the European Union market could unlock new growth opportunities.


Threads, Meta’s revolutionary app, experienced a decline in engagement following its remarkable launch. However, it remains a significant contender in the social media landscape. Meta’s commitment to improving features, enhancing performance, and delivering an exceptional user experience will determine its long-term success. As Threads evolves and tackles its challenges head-on, it has the potential to regain momentum and continue revolutionizing digital interactions.


Q. Can Threads regain its initial growth rate?
A. While replicating the app’s meteoric rise may be challenging, strategic improvements and updates have the potential to attract a larger user base.

Q. Will Instagram continue to support Threads despite the decline in engagement?
A. Given Instagram’s dedication to improving performance and introducing new features, they seem determined to provide Threads with the best chance for success.

Q. What is the significance of Threads’ decline for the social media industry?
A. Threads’ rise and subsequent decline underscore the dynamic and fiercely competitive nature of the social media industry, where user engagement plays a pivotal role in an app’s longevity.

Q. Are there any plans for integrating Threads with other platforms?
A. As of now, there are no official announcements regarding integration with other platforms. However, Meta’s focus on improvement and expansion suggests potential collaborations in the future.

Q. How can Threads effectively combat the issue of spam?
A. By implementing rate limits and employing advanced protective measures, Threads can effectively combat spam without negatively impacting genuine user engagement.

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