Unlocking Samsung's Robust Privacy Tools to Safeguard Your Data

Unlocking Samsung’s Robust Privacy Tools to Safeguard Your Data

With mobile devices now central to modern life, protecting your personal information is crucial. Samsung has distinguished itself by incorporating industry-leading privacy features into its Android phones. This guide will explore the powerful enhanced Samsung privacy tools it provides to keep your data secure.

Unlocking Samsung's Robust Privacy Tools to Safeguard Your Data

From permissions to identifiers to location, we’ll cover how to leverage Samsung’s extensive settings for exercising tight control over app access and sharing. Their defense-grade Knox platform and partnerships with security leaders also boost protection against emerging mobile threats.

Managing App Permissions

A key way apps gather data is through permissions, which grant access to your contacts, storage, camera, microphone, and more. Samsung lets you easily monitor and modify app permissions.

  1. Open Settings and go to Apps.
  2. Tap Permissions Manager.
  3. Review all apps and their associated permissions.
  4. Tap any app to customize permissions or toggle them off.

Scrutinizing permission settings prevents apps from overcollecting data. Turn off unnecessary access based on how sensitive you are to privacy.

Blocking Identifiers for Ad Tracking

Advertisers covet mobile identifiers that enable targeted ads and profiling. Samsung allows blocking these identifiers:

  • Enable Limit Ad Tracking in Settings > Google > Ads.
  • Opt out of personalized ads to prevent tracking between apps.
  • Turn on Reset Advertising ID and Do Not Track for added protection.

Controlling identifiers and opting out of personalization helps curb data collection through mobile advertising.

Activating Privacy Dashboard

Samsung’s Privacy Dashboard offers an overview of how your data is managed, including:

  • Permission usage details
  • Apps authorized as Device Administrators
  • Viscount spam call monitoring
  • Private-share encryption
  • Location access controls

Review the dashboard in Settings > Privacy and Safety > Privacy Dashboard to understand how apps access and utilize your information.

Encrypting Storage

You can encrypt SD cards and other external storage for added security.

  1. Go to Settings > Biometrics and Security > Encrypt SD Card.
  2. Tap Encrypt SD card and accept the disclaimer.
  3. Enter your lock screen PIN, pattern, or password to fully encrypt the SD card’s contents.

With encrypted storage, anyone attempting physical access to the SD card would be unable to extract readable data.

Using Secure Folder

Secure Folder creates an encrypted zone for apps, photos, and files isolated from the rest of the device. Set up a separate encrypted, secure folder via:

  1. Settings > Biometrics and security > Secure Folder
  2. Accept the terms and create a secure lock.
  3. Move any content into a secure folder for encrypted protection.

Secure Folder also lets you have a second private sign-in for apps like social media or email behind its lock.


Does Samsung offer private browsing and disguising network activity?

Yes, Samsung Internet and Samsung Knox provide options to mask your identity and browsing history from trackers.

Can you delete identifiers like advertising IDs?

Yes, Samsung allows resetting advertising IDs and provides the Limit Ad Tracking setting to better protect your privacy.

What steps can further boost privacy?

Using a VPN means enabling developer options like networking alerts, monitoring third-party keyboards, and exercising caution when sideloading apps.

Does Samsung review app security?

Yes, Samsung Knox scans Galaxy apps extensively for malware and security issues prior to approval for installation.

Are Samsung’s privacy settings available on other Android devices?

Some features, like permissions managers, are standard on Android, but enhanced tools like Secure Folder, Knox, and Privacy Dashboard are Samsung-specific.

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